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SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba- Deployment, Migration, Rollout Services

Why to go for SAP Ariba to handle S2P procurement processes?

Source-to-settle (S2S), Source-to-Pay (S2P) processes define the bottomline of any organisation. Efficient S2P processes help enterprises to reach and identify better suppliers, get better prices, and raise the efficiency of checks and balances for improved corporate governance.

SAP Ariba "Source to Contract” processes assist in identify (source) and onboard your suppliers easily based on criteria best suited to your organisation while providing you all tools to negotiate the best price and providing you integrated environment to get the supplier contract prepared and signed by all parties digitally.

SAP Ariba "Procure to Pay” (P2P) and “Procure to Order” (P2O) processes with Ariba “Guided Buying” user interface help you create a convenient and efficient environment for your end users to avail different enterprise buying channels which are closely linked with supplier contracts for better contract compliance while providing just enough liberty for your end users to avail other suppliers for their purchase.

ValueWeaver capabilities in SAP Ariba?
ValueWeaver can help clients in deploying, managing and supporting following Ariba solutions:
  • SAP Ariba – Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management
  • SAP Ariba – Buying (P2O) and Ariba P2P where invoicing & reconciliations are done within Ariba before OK2Pay document is sent to your ERP solution
  • SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP) for integrated supplier registration process and to maintain 360 degree view of supplier data
  • SAP Business Network (Ariba Network or Ariba Supplier Network) – Run supplier enablement programs for SAP Business Network onboarding, training and management
  • Ariba Snap - Priced and packaged to fit midsize businesses with scalability

What makes us UNIQUE?

SAP Ariba Capabilities

ValueWeaver has mature and experienced SAP Ariba practice. Please explore how we can help your organisation on your Ariba journey.

SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing

SAP Ariba upstream processes: As part of SAP Ariba upstream processes, Value Weaver Ariba practice can design, deploy, manage and support sourcing and contract management processes together with supplier registration.
Ariba strategic sourcing covers all sourcing activities:
• Ariba discovery to identify suppliers
• Request for Information
• Request for Quotation
• Bidding
• Auctions of different types
• Bid analysis based on different criteria
• Award of Contract process
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Ariba contract Management supports following processes:

• Contract Authoring – clause library
• Contract Management team
• Contract Approvals
• 3rd party signature (through Docu-Sign)
• Contract compliance- Operationalise contract – contract term document
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Supplier lifecycle and Performance, covering, qualification, risk assessment, registration, internal approvals, performance evaluation and 360 profile view.
Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management (SIPM) old and new architecture is also supported as legacy system.
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Ariba Downstream Capabilities

Our ValueWeaver Ariba practice, can help your organisation run SAP Ariba and can implement and support following processes:
SAP Ariba downstream processes: Value Weaver team can help in running SAP Ariba downstream processes, Ariba supports following processes:
a. Ariba P2O: Ariba P2O (Procure to Order) process helps clients to take care of following processes:
• Ordering through different buying channels e.g. ad-hoc, catalog, punchout, service orders etc
• Receipting, service sheet entry

b. Ariba P2P: Ariba P2P (Procure to Pay) takes care of ordering, receipting and incoming invoice, invoice reconciliation (3-way, 2-way match/approval cycle) to send "ok to pay" invoices to ERP.
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Value Weaver is committed to lead the technology roadmap for its customers. We want our customers to get introduced to new technology which can give them competitive advantage to run their business without any barriers.
Since SAP acquired Ariba, enterprise procurement is witnessing a new wave of SaaS solutions which is changing the face of procurement. With S4 HANA features and Ariba’s source-to-pay processes, enterprises are seeing a new era of new technology which is becoming a new norm of growth, the new technology has the potential to completely change how your procurement processes operate.
Value Weaver solutions are based on the SAP roadmap, latest technology, best practices, and rich domain experience. We work with organisations to cater to their future requirements using state-of-the-art technology and we also make sure that our clients get the most out of the latest in cloud technology for procurement.
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